Sunday, June 28, 2009

Celebrity Death 2.0

I first thought Gallagher had passed the other day because somebody said the "King of Props" had died. I loved his watermelon bit. Then I suspected it was really Neil Armstrong because CNN scrolled about a tribute to the first moonwalker.

But all the reporting this week was crazy. TMZ beat CNN on Michael Jackson's death? Tell me who has entertainment cred now! Farrah's death was under-reported like she was the "smart angel." And poor Ed celebrity death, he wound up being the third banana. Those are the breaks. Hiiiiio!

It was like washed-up celebrity week as they all tried to score some media time. On CNN, Uri Geller said he had asked Michael if he was lonely. He's a mentalist...why the hell didn't he know? And on Larry King's show, Liza Minnelli played the Joe Jackson card, saying everything was Joe's fault. Next thing, she'll try to blame Howard Jones.

In light of the Go Green for Iran movement on Twitter, I heard about a grassroots effort to redo avatars to look more androgynous & racially ambiguous in support of Michael Jackson. I still haven't found the app to do it though.

Then today, it was reported that Billy Mays, "The King of Crap" died too. The rumor is that since Jesse Jackson's busy, Ron Popeil rushed to be with the Billy Mays family as a spokesman.

Can't wait to see who keels this week, because I fear we're running out of potential cast members for a Love Boat reunion.

Oh well, the best part of Celebrity Death 2.0 is it's great to have a snarky Twitter profile to tweet the kind of stuff you're ashamed of running under your own name! - FunnyEye =8 )>

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FunnyEye said...

So today Fred Travalena dies? The Love Boat reunion really is in jeopardy! What is going on here people?