Friday, November 21, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pre-Election Wrap Up - Special Morning Edition

Election "White Board Wisdom"

A couple of weeks ago, FunnyEye took a week off and encouraged all of you to do a little DIY humor.

Chris took up the challenge, charting the reationship below based on a real life incident. He was stuck on the highway behind a Prius with an Obama / Biden sticker and a pickup truck with one for McCain / Palin. He offers this White Board Wisdom as the origin of “Drill, baby, drill” as a GOP rallying cry.

Something that I'm not sure fits on the chart: spotting an SUV this weekend with two bumper stickers - one for McCain / Palin and the other for alternative fuels.

Speaking of "car art," here was a funny Shoebox card that came to FE4CG headquarters recently from our Fan Club president.

A Musical Interlude

Before voting, you owe it yourself to check out this video adaptation of the Palin - Couric interview. And you should probably look at this as well.

Three Random Thoughts While Waiting an Hour in Line to Vote

  1. This line’s so long, I may get to the front by the 2012 election.
  2. I hope these people are more informed than I am.
  3. Voting is a lot like sex. One hour of wondering if the thing's moving, 2 minutes of something happening, and two years of waiting around for your next opportunity.