Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Advice for Twitter Users - 8 Words Not Synonymous with “Tweet About . . .”

Don't delude yourself by thinking any of these words can be replaced with the phrase "Tweet about . . . "

  1. “Parenthetical” as in “parenthetical thought”
  2. “Rhetorical” as in “rhetorical question”
  3. “Random” as in “random idea”
  4. “Offhand” as in “offhand remark”
  5. “Fleeting” as in “fleeting notion”
  6. “Shopping” as in “shopping list”
  7. “Considering” as in “considering where to eat”
  8. “Apologize” as in “apologize for what I did”

P.S. Even your closest friends don't care. I'm just sayin'.

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